FIRE at Allison Bradley Projects opens November 27

Three works will be heading to Allison Bradley Projects in NYC for FIRE which runs Nov 27, 2022 – Jan 7, 2023.


Alison Bradley Projects’ winter group exhibition features a continuously rotating body of ceramics by a broad range of artists. As we cast our eyes on a medium with such long-standing history, inevitable questions arise: What is the status of the ceramic? Where does it sit in relation to the traditional concept of craft? Does the artist as an individual render the clay object an artwork?


Including works by gallery artists Keiko Narahashi (b. 1959, Tokyo), Miwa Neishi (b.1990, Tokyo), and Jane Yang-D’Haene (b.1970, Seoul), each artist’s unique approach provides visitors with a window into the diversity of a progressing tradition. The scope of objects carefully selected for this show highlights the flexibility of a medium that has spanned the ages.


This exhibition serves to introduce the ceramics program at Alison Bradley Projects, which will continue to feature international artists who create for modern times while melding age-old traditions of form with their own contemporary visions.