Lost Family Vol. 2 is on view at the Hyde Park Art Center until Nov 13

The continuation of Lost Family Vol. 1, on view now at SAIC galleries, has been at the Hyde Park Art Center as part of Regarding the Missing Objects from November 13, 2022 – February 29, 2023.



Guest curated by the art historian and critic, Ruslana Lichtzier, the exhibition Regarding the Missing Objects presents artworks by eight contemporary artists that draw attention to the schism between artistic knowledge production and institutional power while spotlighting the hidden force of censorship in forming both aspects. The featured artists respond to a Jewish institutional collection and archive to which they have gained selective access to, inviting us to question how accessible are museums and archives? The artists include William J. O’Brien, Dana Carter, Tirtza Even, Ben Segal, Julia Klein, Maggie Taft, Jaclyn Mednicov, and Elana Adler.