William J. O’Brien studio featured in Making Space by Mark Ballogg

Ballogg Photography has published Making Space, a 188 page photography hardcover which features quotes from William J. O’Brien and images of his studio.


Making Space is a five-year project photographing 162 artist studios in Chicago, culminating in a book. Each studio visit consists of two hours of photography followed by an hour of recorded conversation with the artist. Before visiting each studio, Ballogg familiarized himself with each artist and their work through online research. Those insights along with ideas gleaned during the studio photography form the framework for each conversation. He explores the studio as a reflection of artists and their practices. In the process, both the temperament of creative people and the character of the region where they work is revealed. To that end, a wide range of artists, in all aspects of gender, practice, and defining circumstances are included.


You can find more information and purchase the book at this link.