William J. O’Brien’s new novel Nighttime Kingdom now available in hardcover and paperback

Nighttime Kingdom
200 pages
5.5 in. x 8.5 in. | 139.7 mm  x 215.9 mm
Includes – 21 B/W illustrations by William J. O’Brien


Foreword by T. Cole Rachel @tcolerachel
Cover Design by Ben Tousley @bentousley


Published by Shadow Work Press




Available for purchase directly from the studio here.




Dive into the poignant depths of Nighttime Kingdom, the debut fiction novel by artist William J. O’Brien, where the echoes of tragedy collide with the resilience of love. Follow Ted Krieger’s heart-wrenching journey as he navigates the haunting secrets of small-town America and the tumultuous streets of New York City, discovering that healing can only begin when we confront the ghosts of our past.

From the foreword by T. Cole Rachel “Nighttime Kingdom is many things — a coming-of-age tale, a document of loss, a treatise on the lifelong imprints of trauma, a love story — but in the end, it’s much more than that. The characters in Nighttime Kingdom remind us that even though tragedy can break us, it can also be transformative in ways we don’t expect — it can be the jet fuel that propels us into a different (hopefully better) kind of life, it can be the catalyst for making us stronger and (again, hopefully) more empathetic, more fully realized, and truly loving creatures.”